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Cascade Location Updates

February 23rd, 2024

We at Solana are happy to announce that the Cascade road location will be reopening on March 2nd, 2024. We will be forever humbled by the support of our customers and the patience you've showed through this long and arduous journey. We look forward to seeing you very soon!

January 18th, 2024

After many months of hard work and two separate car accidents, Solana Cascade is almost ready to open! The walls are up, electricity is flowing, and things are starting to come together. While we don't have a grand reopening date just yet, we're very close. Check back soon!

December 5th, 2023

Construction is under way to fix the damage cause by the 2nd crash! If you've driven by recently, you may have noticed the glass window has been replaced. Debri, including damaged beds and walls, have been removed and crews of different specialties have begun working to restore the inside to safety code. Though we cannot provide a solid date for reopening, we can say that there has been much progress with approval and planning. Thank you to all our customers for your continued patience and understanding!

October 15th, 2023

As unbelievable as it sounds, a 2nd car drove into the Cascade location in the early morning hours of October 14th. This car took the exact same path as the first accident. We hope that with a contstruction crew on hand, it will narrow down the time that we require to be closed. We will post any updates here and on our social media pages. As before, your packages and memberships will be honored.

See the WOOD TV8 story here.

September 9th, 2023

Progress! Much of the building is being repaired. Next we will be replacing the privacy walls, service desk, beds, and communication equipment. We're well on our way.

While we're still unable to provide a solid timeline for re-opening, we're aiming for November 1st, 2023. 


August 17th, 2023

A general contractor has been selected and is currently setting plans for the cleanup process. They will also be checking the building's integrity and electrical safety. Soon after, they will begin fixing the drywall, ventilation, and brick surrounding the window that is destroyed.

We're still a ways from offering even a partial re-opening. Check here often for updates on the process. Hope to see you all soon!

August 9th, 2023

Over the past 11 days, we've met with insurance adjusters and contractors. Our plan is to open as soon as possible; however, we regret to inform our customers that the expected timeline for reopening has been greatly extended from our original expectations. Unfortuately, we at Solana are at a standstill as we wait for the various processes and "tape" to clear. We have been told that the best estimates for restoration will be anywhere from 4-6+ months. 

We deeply value our customers that are affected by this shutdown. We hope that some of you can make it out to our Jenison location, but we also realize this is a bit too far to travel. Please note the frequently asked questions below:

I have a SOL Club (monthly) membership with Cascade. Can I use this at Jension?

Yes! Your SOL Club membership will seamlessly apply to our Jenison location. Though take note that Jenison currently only has bed levels 1-4. For those of you that can make the drive, we will provide in-store credit to help with drive time and inconvenience.

I was only able to use X amount of days of my membership or Super 1 Month and Jenison is too far. Can I get a refund?

Yes. We will be able to refund your unused time with a physical check or Venmo transfer. Please email to request this service. Unfortunately we are unable to apply partial or whole refunds with our POS system to your original credit card when sessions are used in a membership.

Will my Cascade sessions expire?

No! Unlike most salons, all sessions purchased at Solana do NOT have an expiration date.

Will my SOL Club membership continue to charge me monthly?

No. All SOL Club memberships purchased through the Cascade location have been frozen indefinitely and money will not be withdrawn until you start to use our services again. If you would prefer to have the membership permanently cancelled, please call or email us.

July 29th, 2023

A vehicle travelling at very high speeds was travelling down East Paris, lost control, and rammed through the front window and into the salon. This location has been temporarily closed as we work to clean up the damage caused. We value your business and our relationship. Any packages you have with us will be honored and monthly memberships will be extended.

Please check back here for status updates as they happen. If you have additional questions, please email or call our Jenison location during normal business hours (616) 724-4048.

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